Milk For Two, 2012. Digital drawing using a photograph taken by the artist.

I was commissioned by Jade Patrick to create a piece to be used as the announcement/flyer for a performance titled Milk For Two held at Gamut Gallery in January 2013. This description of her performance is taken from the gallery’s webpage:

Patrick confronts the breastfeeding controversy head-on, in a piece that seeks to unveil the truth beneath the outcry of obscenity, sexualization and repression in the name of decorum. What lies beneath may be an act of beauty beyond words, or simply commonplace and functional.

During one of our conversations on the topic of nursing and how it is a little crazy it is to be nursing twin boys she gushed, “you should see it from my point of view.”  I really fell in love with that idea, and her words repeated through my head. I spent an hour one day with her and the boys taking photographs. The final piece is a digital drawing that utilizes a photo I took of Jade and her boys Roland and Darwin.

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Below is the flyer for the performance in full.

Milk for Two Poster


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